Zapotec Offering Bowl | Original Mexican Art | Unique Home Decor

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Zapotec antique offering bowl. Sourced in Coyoacan MX 

Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Coyoacan, Mexico, with this exquisite Zapotec antique offering bowl, sourced directly from its cultural heart. This remarkable piece, steeped in rich history, brings a unique and authentic touch to home decor. The bowl, crafted by the skilled hands of Zapotec artisans, carries the essence of ancient traditions and indigenous craftsmanship. Its distinct design and intricate details pay homage to a vibrant culture deeply rooted in Mexican heritage.

Adorn your space with this extraordinary offering bowl, infusing it with the captivating allure of Coyoacan and the storied legacy of the Zapotec people. Let this antique treasure become a cherished centerpiece, capturing the imagination and sparking conversations about the beauty and diversity of global artistry.

Dimensions: 6"x 7"