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Vintage landscape oil painting on canvas. Beautiful desert landscape in pastel colors. Framed in a light pink wood frame. Unsigned, but the pair came signed “ObStaas”. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of a vintage landscape oil painting on canvas, depicting a breathtaking desert scene adorned with delicate pastel colors. This captivating artwork, expertly crafted and thoughtfully framed in a light pink wood frame, exudes an air of elegance and tranquility. While this particular piece remains unsigned, its significance is further elevated by its paired counterpart, which bears the artist's signature, "ObStaas." Together, they form a harmonious duo that captures the essence of the desert's enchanting allure.

Allow this vintage landscape painting to transport you to a serene world of desert wonders, where the subtle hues and skillful brushstrokes evoke a sense of peace and fascination. Embrace the timeless beauty of this artwork, cherishing it as a captivating centerpiece that will transform any space into a sanctuary of calm and inspiration.

Dimensions: 26”x20”