Salvador Dalí bronze sculpture “Faun”.

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This piece titled "Faun" 1979 is a cast bronze sculpture by noted artist Salvador Dali, Figueras Spain. Signed and numbered 2/350 on the back of the sculpture. The bronze sits on a marble base, size is 10x5x3.75 inches. This piece is in excellent vintage condition. 

Salvador Dali  - Sculptures: The passion and overwhelming desire to express himself with sculpture became a constant in his life. He was particularly interested in sculpture from 1934 until 1987.

Dalí was fascinated by this artistic technique and conceived a series of original models to be transformed into surreal sculptures and objects. In this way his creative genius was able to manifest himself in three-dimensionality, transforming into sculptures those which remain among the most famous and beloved iconographic images created during his life.

The artworks are made of bronze, using the lost wax casting technique. This technique consists in creating a wax model and using it to make a mold in which to pour the molten bronze.